How To Have Beautiful Lips …

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 Celebrities are taking care of their body, faces and of course lips ! everyone find that   Angelina Jolie is a  perfect woman,  she is so sexy and she is making evey woman wants to have the same lips …moregoodtips are giving you today the secret !


1- think about Protection :  a good lip balm can help you to protect your lips from  wind and cold temperatures, think also about protecting them from sun rays.

 2- think about  Allergies:  try to detect if you have allergies, it can be caused by a kind of  lipstick, toothpast  or your daily gloss.

 3- Hydratation :  drink plenty of fluids (water,juice…) to humidify your body.

4- Use a good  moisturiser for  lips and apply it  everyday at night after cleaning.

5- With vaseline product, try to remove dry skin by using a soft toothbrush then apply a recommanded moisturising product. 

6- Alimentation : having a good lips means eating too much milk, eggs, nuts, fish …your lips need Vitamin B, it’s recommanded to eat all foods that can hepl boosting vitamin B level

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