How To Have Beautiful, Soft and clear Skin…

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As everyone, you Want to have a clear, soft, and  beautiful skin… We will show you a simple way to realize your drean without spending too much money on beauty products …you will need what you have already at home !

1- for the mask you will need : milk-lemon juice-honey-water and oatmeal.

2- for the cleansing scrub, take  your  face cleanser then add some sea salt or sugar (take what you have at home)

3-To prepare your face,  Cover it  with a hot washcloth

4- Scrub in  circular motions all over the face with the cleansing scrub for 5mn and make sure to toutch all your skin , it will help you to  exfoliate and clean it.

5- Rinse gently with warm water.

6- put the  mask   on your  face for 15 mn, and relax  (honey and milk are good for  moisturizing,  lemon juice  prevent pimples)

7- Use a  tablespoon of lime juice to spread on your face (10 mn).

8-  rinse with warm water then  with cool water to make sure that  pores are closed.

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