How to Have White Teeth…

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To have clean and white teeth, you should never forget to wash your mouth but you have also to follow this simple and easy steps :

1- To loose all the debris between your teeths, you have to wash your mouth with cold water for about 35 seconds

2- Use a medical toothbrush, rinse it under cold water then use your whitening toothpast

3- When  brushing,  be sure  to reach all  the ones at the back,  the sides and backs of each tooth.

4- Brush your tongue, and rinse your toothbrush with warm water

5- Use a good mouthwash like listerine (it’s a very good one)

6- Use some baking soda, put in in your clean toothbrush than wash your mouth for about 3-5 mn

7- Rinse your mouth with cold water

8- See the difference !

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