How To Be Happy…

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Reasearchers found that people are not having the same baseline level of happiness, no matter in what situation they are living (rich or poor, single or married …), it’s attributed to genetics. But there are some steps to boost our happiness.

1- Be optimistic : Happiness  depends on the way with what the person sees life,  each person is having  a basic level of happiness, it varies temporary depending on events.

But, we will show you how you can  always boost your happiness!

2- Listen to your instinct: sometimes it ‘s   better to take decisions without analyze the action but simply to let your instint talk to you.
Make a choice to take the chance to change your life!

This is what Scientologists called the 3 Cs  of life

3-  Spend your money for basic needs : Money can not buy hapiness but il will help you to support your needs to find happiness and  it will help you to keep it positive

4- looking to get closer to your friends and your family: people are looking to have a more confortable  situation financially,   but forget the ties of family. It’s important to know that family plays a big role in the happiness of a person.

5- Smile

6- Forgive

7- Trust in God

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