How To Get Good Looking Feet …

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foot are l just like the hands, they need too much care  because  they are often overlooked

Today, we will show you how to take care of your feet in a few small gesture, so follow this steps :

1- Take time to regularly wash your feet with warm water by  leaving them in the  water about 10 to 15 minutes

2- Dry your feet with a soft towel, avoid rubbing and make sure to dry well between the toes because the moisture between the toes can create serious problems.

3- slowly massage your feet with yogurt and lemon juice (no need to spend lots of money for major brand lotions).

4- Rinse your feet with warm water to remove the products that you used

5- Softening your feet with a soothing lotion, do not choose a greasy cream , you can even use a face cream, the most important is to use enough.
Remember to make small allergy test before applying to any part of the feet.

6- Use a nail clipper to dispose of the surplus but be careful to not cut too much.
Clean under fingernails and disinfect with a cotton swab and alcohol.
File your nails to keep the same form for all toes.


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