How To Get Soft Hand …

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It’s easy to get beautiful and soft hands, all what you have to use is some household products . here’s the secret !


1- Use warm water and moisturising soap to wash gently your hands by soaking them for about 5 mn

2- In a small bowl, mix two tablespoons of granulated sugar and a few drops of olive oil : apply and rub  hands  together (10 mn)

3- by using a washcloth, apply a little moisturizing soap and rub your hands delicately, then wash with warm water

4- use a soft towel to dry your hands

5-  Apply a hand lotion (it is recommended to choose a good brand with shea butter as an ingredient)

This ingredient is easy to absorb and doesn’t leave hands feeling heavy and greasy

6-  To smooth the skin, sprinkle your hands with a little rosewater and massage in circular motion.
rose water is highly recommended for the care of the face and hands, it softens naturally and leaves skin feeling  beautiful fragrance

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