How To Get Fair Skin Naturally…

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All women want smooth skin, bright and clear above all … we’ll show you that this is possible without spending much money, and by using natural products

1- Stay ouit of the sun, and when it’s necessery use a high SPF sunblock

2- Protect your skin by wearing hats

3- Use the  mixture of lemon juice and honey as a mask and  Leave it for about 15 mn,  Then wash it off with warm water.

4-   Apply a mixture of equal amounts of Milk and  cucumber juice   on your  face  for about 20 mn ( you can apply it for full body)

5- use an exfoliating product once a week

6- every night, cleansing your face well and apply lemon juice for 20 minutes (Do not worry, it burns safely but instead the lemon juice is recommended to clarify)

7- Apply yogurt on your face 3 times a week.

8- Do not expect to see the difference in a week, apply the mask evenly and leave a little time to see the dfifference.

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