How To Get a Flat Stomach In a Week ?

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The following article will show you how to have a flat stomach in one week, it’s possible you have  just to follow the steps !

1- Avoid hard diet, they  will have negative effects on your  health and risk to surprise you : when the body needs food  it protects itself  and stock lots of fat.

2- the best way to burn calories is to walk with a jog, do a lot of cardio and practice a good walk at least once a week

3- work your abs,  choose the  type of muscle you want to have: flat muscles or muscles with volume.
If you want flat muscles, do your exercises in a seated position (on the floor or a chair), if you want bulky muscles do them when standing.

4- working the bicycle erxercise, this is theone  best for abs: put your head behind your head  and work tirelessly six times the series of twelve.

5- Avoid large meals and think to  increase the number of your small meals.

6- follow the pyramid meals to be sure of your portions

7- Avoid soft drinks and juices that  are too sweet, choose   100% natural juice and drink at least 2l of water a day

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