How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath ?

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To get rid of bad breath, several solutions are possible …you have just to follow this steps :

1-  clean the mouth correctly: the surface cleaning is not enough because the bacteria and the rest of the sustenance goeas  in little nooks that the brush does not reach

2- Keep your mouth moisturized: to avoid A  bad beath, you have to drink a lot of water because  when sleeping   the  mouth produces less saliva and as you can see the breath is worse in the morning.

Saliva is an antiseptic that kills bacteria, that’s why you have to drink  alot of fresh water

3 -Choose a good chwing gum to fight bad breath, chewing action helps to produce more saliva that kills bacteria

4- Select your food : avoid foods that leave bad breath like onions, cheese,garlic…try to eat more apples because it’s a good food for diet and it’s fight bad breath

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